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#9 Lots of updates...finally

Posted on September 24, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Hi all

Apologies again for another long quiet period but technical issues have now been resolved and the site is fully up to date (well, as of today anyway!) with all remaining tour dates for 2011. 

For those who were lucky enough to be at Eric's on 10th September I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Fingers crossed for an end of year one-off UK show...

...which brings me nicely to the USA shows taking place right now. You can buy a USB stick or digital download of every night of the tour which is a fantastic idea and one that would have been a top seller in Europe too. Check out www.omdlive.com to find out more (not to be confused with www.omd-live.com which is this site) ;)

Anyway, the latest bootleg additions are:

Boston, USA - June 1980

Ottawa, Canada - December 1985

Newcastle, UK - November 1986

Leipzig, Germany - June 2007

Mainz, Germany - July 2007

Newcastle, UK - September 2008

Leipzig, Germany - November 2010

Berlin, Germany - November 2010

Amsterdam, Holland - November 2010

Pontiac, USA - March 2011

SxSW festival, USA - March 2011

LA instore set, USA - March 2011

LA, USA - March 2011

San Francisco, USA - March 2011

Erfurt, Germany - June 2011

Erics, UK - September 2011

Please contact me if you can add to the list of shows!




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