Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

8th April 2013 - Portland The Bing Lounge, OR, USA

Excellent sound.

Andy mentions Bing and the radio station broadcasting the event.

14th April 2013 - Coachella Festival, CA, USA

Excellent sound.

Paul shouts "Maddy Humphreys, this is for you!" before Forever Live & Die.

15th April 2013 - Los Angeles Fonda Theatre, CA, USA

Excellent sound.

Andy mentions LA at the start of Messages.

18th April 2013 - Teatro Metropolitan, Mexico

Excellent sound.

Andy adds Mexico City to the lyrics of Walking On The Milky Way.

3rd May 2013 - London Roundhouse, UK

Average sound.

At the start of If You Leave, Andy calls Paul a bastard for not setting the keyboard up to which Paul replies "Just keeping you on your toes!".

14th May 2013 - Liverpool Empire, UK

Excellent sound.

Andy points out seat Q36 before Night Café, the seat in sat in for the Kraftwerk gig in 1976.

18th May 2013 - Paris La Trianon, UK

Excellent sound.

20th May 2013 - Ancienne Belgique, Belgium

Very Good sound.

Andy mentions the venue after Messages.

25th May 2013 - Leipzig Haus Auensee, Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy mentions Leipzig during Metroland.

27th May 2013 - Cologne E-werk, Germany

Good sound.

At the end of Forever Live & Die, Andy says "That's the most dancing I've ever seen you do!" and Paul replies "That wasn't dancing!".

10th June 2013 - Frankfurt HR1 Radio, Germany

Excellent sound.

At the start of Messages, Andy says to Paul "This is a crazy idea, what are we doing here?!?" and Paul says "Having fun!".

11th June 2013 - Stuttgart SWR1 Radio, Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy asks Paul if he will "buy me a Mercedes, you're rich!" at the start of If You Leave.

12th June 2013 - Saarbrucken Funkhaus Halberg SR1 Radio, Germany

Excellent sound.

Saarbrucken is mentioned at the start of If You Leave.

15th June 2013 - Hilversum De Vorstin, Holland

Excellent sound.

Andy says "Thank God there's no football today or nobody would be here!" before History of Modern Part I.

11th July 2013 - Toronto Danforth Music Hall, Canada

Excellent sound.

Andy mentions Toronto at the start of Secret.