Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

19th June 2010 - Bletchley Park Ballroom, UK

OK sound.

World premiere of 2 new album tracks

21st August 2010 - Buesum 'Live At The Beach', Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy says "dangerous, dangerous, new single..." before If You Want It.

4th November 2010 - Liverpool Echo Arena, UK

Excellent sound.

Andy apologises for messing up the lyrics to Bunker Soldiers.

12th November 2010 - Hanover Capitol, Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy mentions Hanover before Messages.

13th November 2010 - Leipzig Haus Auensee, Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy says "This is the oldest and the fastest song. Schnell, schnell, schnell, OK?" before Electricity.

18th November 2010 - Berlin Tempodrom, Germany

Very Good sound.

Paul says "I want to play in Berlin every night!" before If You Want It.

19th November 2010 - Hamburg Docks, Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy sings "Radioactivity!" at the end of Electricity.

23rd November 2010 - Amsterdam Paradiso, Holland

Very Good sound.

Andy says "Today was like a weird flashback for us. We tried to play here 30 years ago and there were squatter riots so it was cancelled!" before Bunker Soldiers.

25th November 2010 - Paris Casino de Paris, France

Excellent sound.

Andy mentions Paris and playing the Bain Douche venue before Bunker Soldiers.