Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

11th November 1993 - Hanover Capitol, Germany

Good sound.

Andy mentions "all you ugly bastards down here!" during Locomotion.

16th November 1993 - Bonn Biskuithalle, Germany

Excellent sound.

Andy says Messages is "an old song for old people".

29th November 1993 - Zurich Volkhaus, Switzerland

Excellent sound.

Andy says "I'm very sorry you had to wait 10 years for us to come back to Zurich" before Stand Above Me.

7th December 1993 - Birmingham NEC, UK

Excellent sound.

Andy says "Just because we're being recorded by the BBC doesn't mean we can't be really out of order" before Messages.

12th December 1993 - Wembley Arena, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says "This is the last night of the European tour so we're gonna give it loads before Heaven Is.