Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

10th June 1985 - Warrington Birchwood Spectrum Arena, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy mentions Warrington a few times.

14th June 1985 - Sheffield City Hall, UK

Excellent sound.

Andy dedicates White Trash "to the person with the black eye".

30th June 1985 - Den Haag, Holland

Very Good sound.

Andy says "You're gonna hate this 'cos you won't know it unless you bought the album" before Secret.

7th July 1985 - Battersea, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy dedicates Messages to his sister who is in the crowd.

20th July 1985 - South Park Meadows, Austin, TX, USA

Very Good sound.

Andy mentions Austin before Julia's Song.

8th August 1985 - St Paul Civic Centre, MN, USA

Very Good sound.

Andy says "I was worried about you when we first came on..." before Secret.

2nd September 1985 - Chicago Cabaret Metro, IL, USA

Very Good sound.

Andy says it's their "first proper gig in about 5 weeks" before Tesla Girls.

26th October 1985 - Rotterdam Ahoy, Holland

Very Good sound.

Andy says "This is for Veronica, this is mostly for Greenpeace and it's also for fun!" at the start of the gig.

21st November 1985 - St Louis Fox Theatre, MO, USA

Good sound.

Before Messages, Andy says the crowd are very loud and must be using loud halers!

24th November 1985 - Minneapolis Met Centre, Bloomington, MN, USA

Good sound.

Andy says "It's too damn cold to stand still" before Enola Gay.

13th December 1985 - Madison Square Gardens, NY, USA

Average sound.

Andy says "Last time we played in New York, apart from our equipment breaking down, no-one had ever heard of this song..." before So In Love.

29th December 1985 - Ottawa Civic Center, Canada

Good sound.

Andy says "The other times we've played here we played at Barrymore's, this is a bit bigger but not as nice" before Women III.