Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

9th April 1983 - Cologne Sendessal, Germany

Good sound.

Andy says "Well I'm still dancing, you can all sit down, it's not as if they're expensive seats!" before Radio Waves.

18th April 1983 - Sheffield City Hall, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says the crowd were better than the previous night, that they were still getting over their football team "getting whooped by a bunch of southerners!" before She's Leaving.

19th April 1983 - Hammersmith Odeon, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says "Some of us are having fun - not everyone got free tickets from Virgin Records!" before She's Leaving.

28th April 1983 - Glasgow Apollo, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy mentions "too much dancing in Edinburgh" the night before.

1st May 1983 - Manchester Apollo, UK

Good sound.

Andy says "It's all mimed from now on!" before Georgia.

2nd May 1983 - Manchester Apollo, UK

Good sound.

Andy says "I haven't been looking after my voice" before She's Leaving.

4th May 1983 - Liverpool Empire, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy states he is "always nervous in Liverpool" before She's Leaving.

13th May 1983 - Barcelona Pabellon Deportivo Juventud, Spain

Good sound.

Andy says "Good morning, you've been asleep all night" after Enola Gay.

15th May 1983 - Madrid Palacio Municipal De Deportes, Spain

Good sound.

Before Silent Running, Andy says "This is our first concert in Madrid, we WILL be back!"

17th May 1983 - Lyon Bourse du Travail, France

Excellent sound.

Andy says "We've not played this in Lyon before..."and introduces Georgia.

19th May 1983 - Clermont Ferrand Maison De Sports, France

Good sound

Andy says "Paul, your friend is here! And his brother!" before She's Leaving.

26th May 1983 - Hamburg CCH, Germany

Good sound

Paul says "Thank you, this is, err..." before Andy says something that the audience laugh at so Paul replies "No, how about Almost?"

5th June 1983 - Mannheim Mozarthalle, Germany

Average sound

Before Julia's Song, Andy says "There are too many Americans in Germany, it's affecting you".

9th September 1983 - Manchester The Factory Club, UK

Good sound

Andy yells "Just because it's not produced by Arthur Baker doesn't mean you can't dance to it!" at the start of Telegraph.

10th September 1983 - Liverpool Royal Court, UK

Good sound

Someone in the crowd shouts "Play the early stuff yer dickhead!"