Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

22nd January 1982 - Lyon Palais D'Hiver, France

Very Good sound.

Andy says "You like Rock n Roll? This is a pop song..." before Enola Gay.

23rd January 1982 - Nice Theatre de Verdure, France

Very Good sound.

Andy says "If my French was any good I'd tell you all to get up and dance!!" before She's Leaving.

27th January 1982 - Rome Teatro Tenda, Italy

Very Good sound.

Andy says "This is just for the people down here, all you at the back can go home" before Enola Gay.

2nd February 1982 - Mannheim Musensal, Germany

Average sound.

Andy shouts "Later!" to a request for Electricity prior to Mystereality.

3rd February 1982 - Berlin Metropole, Germany

Good sound.

Andy dedicates She's Leaving to "all those at the back sitting down".

7th February 1982 - Hamburg Musichalle, Germany

Good sound.

Andy mutters "sold out..." before She's Leaving starts.

17th February 1982 - Milwaukee Palms Theatre, WI, USA

Excellent sound.

Andy says "This is for Oliver" before She's Leaving.

February 1982 - Washington 9:30 Club, DC, USA

Excellent sound.

At the start of Maid Of Orleans Andy says "We've got millions more back home!"

13th March 1982 - Glen Cove North Stage Theatre, NY, USA

Very Good sound.

Andy says "This one's a waltz, you can do all sorts of strange disco dancing to this one, you'll never keep it up!" before Maid Of Orleans.