Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

15th February 1980 - Liverpool Eric's Club, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says "This was written by Julia Kneale" before Julia's Song. Also "Being a 4 piece is new to us..."

26th February 1980 - Exeter Routes, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says "It's gone Twelve, it's Paul's birthday, he's 20!" before Dancing.

7th March 1980 - Retford Porterhouse, UK

Excellent sound.

2 crowd members chant 'We want Winston' before Mystereality.

8th March 1980 - Middlesbrough Rock Garden, UK

Excellent sound.

Paul says "We seem to have run out of songs!" before the last Julia's Song.

12th March 1980 - Glasgow Technical College, UK

Average sound.

Electricity is played back to back.

15th March 1980 - Liverpool University, UK

Good sound.

Andy hopes "Lou Reed forgives us for this one" when introducing Waiting For The Man.

21st April 1980 - Amsterdam Paradiso, Holland

Excellent sound.

Andy says "You can dance to this as well!" before Enola Gay.

28th April 1980 - Paris Bain Douche, France

Excellent sound.

Andy says "I hope when England dances Paris doesn't just stand and watch"! before the last Bunker Soldiers.

31st May 1980 - Philadelphia Hot Club, PA, USA

Poor sound.

Andy says "This may be the club's last night, they closed Eric's in Liverpool..." before the last Electricity.

1st June 1980 - Boston Underground, MA, USA

Good sound.

Andy says "So many things have packed in, we can't play any more songs!" after Electricity.

28th July 1980 - Nottingham Playhouse, UK

Excellent sound.

Andy thanks Dave and Malcolm for playing with them before Electricity.

5th November 1980 - Reading Top Rank, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says "Time for some humour" before Dancing.

10th November 1980 - Glasgow Apollo, UK

Good sound.

Andy says "Another song to play golf to..." before Motion & Heart.

8th December 1980 - Berlin Kant Kino, Germany

Excellent sound.

There are mistakes during the 2nd verse of Bunker Soldiers and Andy says "Danke, Gudnacht!" at the end of the last Enola Gay.

10th December 1980 - Amsterdam Paradiso, Holland

Excellent sound.

Andy says "This is a song by Lou Reed, who should have got shot instead of John Lennon" at the start of Waiting For The Man.

12th December 1980 - Rijswijk Lodewijk Makeblijde College, Holland

Excellent sound.

Radio broadcast where the Dutch host confirms the setlist at the end.

17th December 1980 - Hammersmith Odeon, UK

Good sound.

Andy confirms this is their "Last gig of 1980".