Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

100% unofficial and fan-made  

27th July 1979 - Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, UK

Excellent sound.

Andy swears during Bunker Soldiers and Mystereality has no drums.

27th August 1979 - Leigh Valley Festival, UK

Good sound.

Andy mentions that Julia's Song features "the Bunnymen's rhythm unit".

8th September 1979 - Leeds Futurama Festival, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy says "We've had to cut one out here" before Almost.

24th September 1979 - Bristol Colston Hall, UK

Good sound.

Andy mentions the next one is about a telephone box and has to repeat his comment when someone in the audience queries it!

26th September 1979 - Manchester Apollo, UK

Good sound.

Andy says "Can you knock the spots off please?" after Electricity.

1st November 1979 - Plymouth Clones Club, UK

Good sound.

Andy says "That's Chester Valentino on drum machine...." before the encore of Messages.

8th December 1979 - Camden Electric Ballroom, UK

Very Good sound.

Andy's request at the start of Messages is "Can you turn the Organ down!?!"